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Artist Info: John Anderson

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John Anderson

There are several artists with this name: 1. an American country singer, 2. an American jazz musician, 3. a British oboist, 4. a Colombian latin music singer.

1) John Anderson (born December 13, 1954 in Apopka, Florida) is a country singer and musician. He scored hits in the early 1980s with songs such as "Swingin'," "Your Lyin' Blue Eyes," "Black Sheep" and the Billy Joe Shaver-composed "I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal." His career hit a dry spell for several years until 1991, when his single "Straight Tequila Night" came out. [read more...]

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Money in the Bank
I Wish I Could Have Been There
Straight Tequila Night
Country Til I Die
Small Town
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