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Künstler Informationen: Funkyflo

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A funkateer, a funk musican, from the heart auf southern austria (Klagenfurt/Carinthia)

Who's Mission & Vision and also Hobby is: just keep the funk alive

He Started Making Music as Project "FunkyFlo" since year 1998 and since that time

he has also published his music for download on the internet
many music tracks by funkyflo are available for free download ;-)

He has also Played in Some bands too, as the JazzoPhonics (1996-1999), Fun-K (2001-2002), The Soul Sonics (2003) and "" (2007).

He plays Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Makes The Music with The Computer (DAW, cubase, etc) and last but not least
is playing electric and accoustic guitar. 2003 with the SoulSonics he also earned the title
"King of Chugga Chugga" for his funky guitar playing style.
In year 2008 he began moving with another genre: electronic, techno, and dance.
Founded so a furher Project / ArtistName called DJ HÖRNI BÖRNI releases were so, the album "tekko jazzo funky" a collage of techno mixed with funk
and dj hörni börni's dance-house-techno electrofunk tracks which as he said aim to "be funky & goof up techno"

So and 2016 finnally FunkyFlo has out his allthefirst ITUNES/AMAZONMUSIC release,
of a avantgarde style electrofunk - tech-house music:

FunkyFlo - Copy That Floppy

Track ♫ Sponge Bop Copy That Floppy

iTunes ♫ Copy That Floppy (Avantgarde House Mix)

Amazon Music ♫ Copy That Floppy

FunkyFlo - Facebook FunkyFlo

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